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Teething Bibs

What are they?

Teething bibs are bibs which are dual purpose. They of course act like a bib and catch the normal dribble, milk, food etc that your little one might drop down their chin. However, they also have a little teething triangle attached to the corner of the teething bib to help sooth their teething pain. You or your little one can simply pop the end in their mouth for them to start chewing.

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Advantages over other teething toys.

Hygienic – Because the teether is attached to the end of your child’s bib and the bib is attached around their neck, it won’t get dropped on the floor. A lot of teething toys will end up accumulating crumbs and bits of fluff from the floor each time your child drops it. These bits will then of course end up in their mouth. Unless you manage to clear it after each drop I guess, but that’s going to quickly get frustrating.

Won’t get lost – Ever been shopping or out for a walk and got home to realise that your child’s toy, blanket, bottle has disappeared? Probably dropped along the way, maybe a couple of miles back. You’re probably never going to find it again even if you did try. However, you can’t lose a chew toy which is attached to your baby without losing your baby. Even with baby brain we hope that never happens!

What makes these teething bibs superior?

Quality – The fabric is made of 3 layers. Not only does this give the bib a real quality feel but it also makes it very absorbent. The outer cotton layers absorb all the dribble and then the middle layer locks it away to keep your child drier and more comfortable. They’re built to last so the teether will not flake or peel.

Stylish – These great designs really do make a fashion statement and are a great accessory for your baby’s outfit.

Reversible – What happens when one side is full of dribble and milk stains? Just reverse it and dribble on the other side. The new side will of course also get dribbled on but at least your little one will look instantly presentable if you’re meeting a friend or going somewhere. Plus, that’s two sides to go with different outfits.

Machine washable – What to do when both sides are covered in dribble? Pop it in the washing machine.

Two poppers – Two sizes. When your little one has grown a bit, there is a second popper so they can carry on using their teething bib.

BPA and phthalates free – No nasty chemicals!

Tested to worldwide safety standards – Peace of mind for you that you are using a product that is safe for your little one.

Made in the UK – Supports UK industry.

Suitable from 2 months to 2 years – This teething bib can be used over and over again until your child is too old for it, so you’re going to get great value.

Our experience.

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We gave our baby one of these teething bibs as soon as the first order arrived. It was so instantly noticeable what great quality they were and how good it looked on. She seemed to take to it straight away and was using the little triangle teether within minutes. I guess it must be quite intuitive to use because once we showed her the teether on the end of the bib, she would happily hold it in her own mouth and chew.

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