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My Positive Birth

I never really thought too much about Labour before I wanted to have a baby, I never allowed myself to watch programmes like one born every minute, as I knew I’d instantly be anxious and scared as hell of the pain. My pregnancy wasn’t too bad, I got the nausea in the beginning- which was …

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Retained Placenta

Post-Birth Complications: Experiencing Retained Placenta

I want to talk a little bit about retained placenta. Before I developed this post-birth complication myself I never even knew it could happen. So in the following paragraphs I’ll tell you a bit about what retained placenta is and my personal experience with it. Even though it’s an issue which is relatively rare, some …

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How to find a Babysitter and what information should you give them?

So, you’re looking for a babysitter? Could be for an hour, an evening or even all night! Makes no difference which it is, you will be just as cautious, worried and uneasy about someone else looking after your children/child. Where do you even start? Well, I have written this blog to help you find the …

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Teething bibs feature

Teething Bibs

What are they? Teething bibs are bibs which are dual purpose. They of course act like a bib and catch the normal dribble, milk, food etc that your little one might drop down their chin. However, they also have a little teething triangle attached to the corner of the teething bib to help sooth their …

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