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How to find a Babysitter and what information should you give them?

So, you’re looking for a babysitter? Could be for an hour, an evening or even all night! Makes no difference which it is, you will be just as cautious, worried and uneasy about someone else looking after your children/child. Where do you even start? Well, I have written this blog to help you find the …

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Teething bibs feature

Teething Bibs

What are they? Teething bibs are bibs which are dual purpose. They of course act like a bib and catch the normal dribble, milk, food etc that your little one might drop down their chin. However, they also have a little teething triangle attached to the corner of the teething bib to help sooth their …

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Pregnancy tips

Are you a new mummy to be? Or do you just need a little reminder on what to expect whist pregnant? These pregnancy tips I have gathered from everywhere and consolidated into this one blog for you, it should save you some time! Also, I would be interested to know which pregnancy tips you thought …

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Pregnancy Freebies

Always wondered what freebies people offer you when you have a new baby on the way? Well you will be pleased to know there are a few companies who give pregnancy freebies to women. This is obviously a marketing strategy on their behalf, however, there is no harm in trying them out! There is a …

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Baby names

Baby names can be really tough for some couples. It’s making sure you both agree and love the names you have chosen. After all, your baby will have that name you have given them for the rest of their life! There will be many questions going through your heads as to what type of name …

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Baby essentials list

Your baby’s due date is probably creeping up on you fast, it’s difficult to know exactly what you need for your baby, especially as new parents. A baby essentials list is so important to ensure you have everything you need for your little one’s arrival! If you are new parents you will most likely be …

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