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Baby names can be really tough for some couples. It’s making sure you both agree and love the names you have chosen. After all, your baby will have that name you have given them for the rest of their life! There will be many questions going through your heads as to what type of name would best suit your new baby. Take a look below at some questions you should ask yourselves before you even start looking at baby names:

  • Are you having a boy, girl or a surprise?
  • Do you want a baby name that is original or something a little more common?
  • Do you want a name that’s passed through generations of the family or something completely different?
  • Is your baby going to have a middle name?

You and your partner should sit together and discuss these questions before you even open the baby names book! That way, you have a base to start and you are both on the same page!

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My partner and I went through hundreds of baby names to still not agree or more than 2 and that’s after we had found out we were having a girl! Imagine how difficult we would have found picking boys and girls names!

You always seem to know someone with the names that you like and we were after a more original name, something our friends, family or just people we knew didn’t have. I think that was the hardest part. Then, once you have found the names you like you must make sure they sound nice with the middle name (if you choose to have one) and surname, then what initials will that give you? And which way are you going to spell the names? These are all things you don’t necessarily think about at first.

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We also found that we were then being influenced on what our friends and families thought after we had decided on names. If someone else didn’t like it, it almost put you off. Then you feel like you are back to square one all over again. Next time I think we may just keep the baby name between us until our baby is born. There is nothing wrong with asking other people what names they like to get some more ideas, but that’s all.

There are many books and websites that give you hundreds of baby name ideas and you probably have no idea where to start! You will more than likely be searching for hours at the best books and sites to check out. Instead of me doing the same thing and writing out another list which will look very similar to everyone else’s. I have listed below some links and a little information about what you will find on that site. Therefore you can pick the best baby name site relevant to what you and your partner are looking for and start there.

Firstly, we have the top 100 baby girl names 2018 which Bounty have very clearly listed for you. They explain which names are on the rise for popularity and which ones have taken a decline. The top 100 baby names are names which have been and are becoming more popular, so check out this site if you are looking for a more popular baby girl’s name.

Next, we have the top 100 boy’s names. Again this list of baby names are names that have been and are becoming more popular. If this is the type of baby boy’s name you are looking for then take a look at the top 100 baby boy names that Bounty have put together to help you with this tough decision. Again, Bounty have explained which names are on the incline and the decline for popularity in 2018.

Looking for something more gender neutral? Gender neutral names have become a lot more popular these days. Some names you would never have thought would be unisex! Take a look at the Baby Center link I have included below. They have a good size list of unisex names that could really help you on the way to deciding what you should call your baby.

If you would like to check out the most popular names in England and Wales, Mumsnet have put a list of names together for both boys and girls based on the most recent set of ONS official statistics released in 2018. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, they also have a Baby name finder that may also really help you. They also have lists for the top names in Scotland and Ireland if these are names that may interest you.

More original names are generally a little more difficult to find. Especially to find one you and your partner both like. I have included a few links below with sites which give you both ideas of unique boys and girls baby names. Each site does not have a vast list which is why I have included 3.

Mother and Baby (This site has the biggest range)

The Bump


I do hope that the baby names links provided above have really helped you as a couple to decide what you would like to name your baby. I cannot express enough how difficult this decision is for most parents. It’s a name your baby will have for the rest of their life, so for any parent it is very important. However, once you have found that perfect name you will just know, it’s the one!

On a final note, don’t forget to book an appointment to have your baby registered as soon as you feel able. You have 42 days (6 weeks) legally to get your child’s birth registered. If you do not do this within the 42 day time frame you will be fined. When you book your appointment, be sure to ask what paperwork it is you need to register your baby at that time. Failing this you should also find this information on the government website.

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