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Pregnancy Freebies

Always wondered what freebies people offer you when you have a new baby on the way? Well you will be pleased to know there are a few companies who give pregnancy freebies to women. This is obviously a marketing strategy on their behalf, however, there is no harm in trying them out!

There is a lot on the market these days for expecting parents and if you are an expecting parent you should make the most of these pregnancy freebies.

I found Bounty and Emma’s Diary the best for pregnancy freebies, so I have detailed these below:


pregnancy freebies bounty

Bounty have an app that you install and sign up to. Once you sign up you will notice that it’s much more personalised to your pregnancy journey. Every day you can read different articles and fun facts (obviously pregnancy related), Information on your chosen hospital and of course you get free samples and vouchers for your pregnancy journey!

Once you sign up you’ll have your very own dashboard which includes a countdown until your due date. It will then also explain what is happening in your body that day/week and give you fantastic advice for your pregnancy journey. You can see a step by step development 3D picture of what your little one will be like at that time and a picture of your baby’s foot size.

On your app it will notify you when you are due for your bounty pack. There are 3 different packs and a pregnancy information pack. They will come through periodically to you. You just then have to go to the shop of your choice from the list and collect your pack. You should bear in mind that they are very popular and can often be out of stock. If this is the case don’t worry once you have ‘claimed’ your pack you can click the ‘out of stock’ button at the top right of the screen! Once you have clicked ‘claim’ you will only have 20 minutes to actually claim the pack so only do this when you are about to collect your pregnancy freebie.

You will get different products in your packs depending on where you collect them from. (Boots, Tesco, Asda) Visit http://www.bounty.com/about-bounty/bounty-packs and you can see what you get in your bounty packs.

Providing you are at the hospital and have had your baby when Bounty are there (so not in the middle of the night!), you can also have a newborn photoshoot and you can go online and get your photo freebie! Make sure you keep your pin mind, we unfortunately lost ours.

Emma’s Diary

pregnancy freebies ED

Emma’s Diary also has a pregnancy app for you to install. This app is more of a diary than anything else. However, it is fantastic so you can see how far you have come week by week. Once you sign up to this app you get a week by week update on your baby’s development. You can upload a ‘bump’ photo each week so you can remind yourself of your pregnancy journey.  You have a journal that you can update with your weekly thoughts and milestones.

With this app you can also use the fun frames to send out personalised pregnancy and birth announcements on your social media accounts! Finally, Your pregnancy freebies! You have 4 packs to collect from either Boots or Argos. These packs have loads of little bits and bobs for you as well as vouchers and coupons for you to use if you decide to purchase any of those products.

All Emma’s Diary packs are the same regardless of where you collect them from. You can only collect these packs if you are a member. (It’s free) you just have to sign up! You can also get £200 worth of Argos vouchers to help get kitted out. I personally never looked into this so I personally am not too sure what this consists of.

Emma’s Diary don’t give too much information as to what is in the packs. However, check out Baby Centre here to see what other mummies to be got in their pregnancy freebie pack! https://community.babycentre.co.uk/post/a31461163/emmas-diary-packs

You will find online sites such as Latest free stuff https://www.latestfreestuff.co.uk/free-baby-stuff/ who will give you loads of options to get pregnancy freebies. However, I signed up to a few of them and they expect you to do surveys etc which go on for a long while before you get anything free. I personally never got to the end because they expect so much personal information and I didn’t really want to give it out. So be careful there before giving away too much information on yourself for your pregnancy freebies.

Anything else? Sure is. See below some other pregnancy freebies that you should certainly have a look into. I have included some links to help you out.

Remember to sort out your maternity exception certificate which you do through your midwife in order to receive free dental care and prescriptions. This is valid for your pregnancy and for 1 year after the birth of your child.

According to https://www.lovemoney.com/news/3145/baby-freebies-samples-free-stuff-pregnancy-mothers-uk you can apply for free ‘baby on board’ badges from C2C and Transport for London. Just fill out a form and a badge will be sent by post.

Following this, love money have advised if you are on certain benefits you may also be entitled to free fruit, vegetables, milk, vitamins and infant formula vouchers. You just need to visit the healthy start website to join the scheme.

Sure Start offer a one off payment of £500 that you can apply for. I believe you only qualify if you are on means tested benefits like child tax credits. Check it out here https://www.gov.uk/sure-start-maternity-grant

All parents are entitled to child benefit. This is a monthly payment you receive to help with your child. The value of the payment decreases for your second and third child. Apply here https://www.gov.uk/child-benefit/how-to-claim

Free breastfeeding and parent groups take place in your area by health visitors. They can be really beneficial to any breastfeeding mums. Have a chat to your health visitor about where you can find this support in your area.

Free fruit in supermarkets is such a fantastic idea! Most super market you go to will have a basket with lots of fruit for you to choose something and give it to your little one whilst you are shopping. It’s healthy and keeps them occupied!

Finally, it may not technically be a ‘pregnancy freebie’ but remember your child is free to travel whilst they are young. Make sure you check with whoever you are travelling with if you your little one gets free transport before paying for any tickets.

Thank you very much for reading my blog on pregnancy freebies and I hope you have found this information helpful!

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