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Baby essentials list

Your baby’s due date is probably creeping up on you fast, it’s difficult to know exactly what you need for your baby, especially as new parents. A baby essentials list is so important to ensure you have everything you need for your little one’s arrival! If you are new parents you will most likely be crawling the net at all the relevant information available, to ensure you are prepared for the birth of your baby. I have put together my very own baby essentials list as you will see below. A downloadable checklist has also been included below.

This baby essentials list is based on getting through the first 2 weeks after the birth of your baby. 2 weeks will give you a chance to settle back home with your baby before needing to replenish your baby’s stock!

Firstly, you will need a car seat and pram suitable for your new born baby. You should read the important information and legalities regarding car seats here on the government website. This is to ensure your baby is safe whilst traveling. If you decide to purchase a travel system, be aware a baby should never be left in a car seat for more than 20 minutes at one time. This can be very dangerous for your child. So, you will need to take the carry cot with you also.

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Baby essentials list for changing

  • Baby changing Mat
  • Changing table – Some people do not classify this as an essential, however for a woman who has just given birth may find it very difficult to change the baby on the floor.
  • Hand Towels – Again this is not an essential however, babies do not like being cold and plastic changing mats get very cold.
  • Nappies size 1 – Around 112 (approx 8 per day)
  • Newborn baby sensitive baby wipes – Around 300 wipes
  • Nappy Rash cream – There is a wide range of creams that you can buy. Check out ‘Made for Mums’ to compare different creams.
  • Fragranced nappy bags – Help mask
  • the smell!

Baby essentials list for bathing

  • Baby bath – You don’t need anything fancy, just a smaller tub to put in your bath.
  • Baby bath foam sponge – This may not be an essential to some parents however it was for us. It just means you don’t have to hold your baby in the bath whilst also trying to wash them as the sponge stops them slipping.
  • Towel – We chose hooded baby towels as they are more snuggly for our baby.

Baby essentials list for sleeping

  • Crib/ Moses basket – Your baby will be in your room with you for the first 6 months and co-sleeping is not recommended for safety reasons. A Moses basket means your baby can safely sleep right by the bed.
  • Blankets – You should have a range of blankets, some warmer than others. This way you are prepared for all temperatures.
  • Room Thermometer – This is not essential. However it does keep some parents minds at ease knowing how many layers to dress their baby. The ideal sleeping conditions are explained here on the NHS website.
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Baby essentials list for Feeding

  • Muslin Squares – You’ll need lots of these, around 7-10. Muslin squares can be used for anything and everything! E.G. Burping, to cover whilst breastfeeding and to cover your baby’s clothes whilst feeding.
  • Bottles – You will need bottles for both formula fed and breast fed babies if you decide to express your breast milk. 6 should be good to start with.
  • Breast pump – If you decide to express you may want to get yourself a pump. I much prefer an electric pump to save time but this is not essential.
  • Steriliser – You’ll need to sterilise all your baby’s feeding equipment including bottles. Nothing fancy is needed, you can purchase cold water sterilisers which is our preference. (just remember if you buy a cold water steriliser to purchase the sterilising tablets or fluid)

Baby essentials list for dressing

Think about the time of year you are having your baby. You may find for winter babes you’ll want to get some cardigans and a coat.

  • Vests – Depending on the time of year you may decide to go for long sleeve vests rather than short sleeve. You will need 8-10.
  • Baby grows – Try to get the baby grows with scratch mitts attached so you don’t have to buy them separately. Separate scratch mitts usually fall off very easily also. You will need 8 – 10.
  • Baby hats – Your baby will need to wear a hat all the time for around 10 days as they cannot regulate their body temperature properly. If your baby is born in winter you may have them wearing hats a little longer.
  • Bibs – These are not essential however, it may save changing your baby after every feed! The more the better!

Baby essentials list for when you are out and about

If you are formula feeding your baby, never forget to take a bottle with you. You never know where you might get caught up!

  • Baby changing bag – Try and get a reasonable size bag. The ones that come with travel systems are usually too small.
  • Nappies – Make sure you pack enough for the length of time you are out and then a couple extra for the ‘just in case’.
  • Sensitive baby wipes – Wipes are the most convenient whilst out and about. Again, ensure you pack enough.
  • Fragranced nappy bags – You don’t want the smell in your house and neither will anyone you visit!
  • Nappy Rash cream – See link on ‘Baby essentials for changing’ to compare Nappy rash creams.
  • Muslin Square – Always have a muslin square ready in your bag, they are good for everything.
  • Baby hat – This is so important, Babies struggle to regulate their temperature as a newborn so you should always have a spare hat available.

Essentials list for mum

  • Bras – You will need new bras as your breasts change shape and size to accommodate feeding. Some people purchase nursing bras however, specific nursing bras are not essential. You will just need something without underwire that works for you.
  • Breast pads – You can either buy washable/ reusable pads or disposable. I believe reusable pads are more economical so that was my decision.
  • Maternity towels – These are super important and you will need these for up to 6 weeks so to start with purchase enough for 6 a day.
  • Nursing pillow – A nursing pillow is relatively inexpensive for how useful it is! You’ll be feeding a lot and this will really assist you and your achy arms!
  • Nipple Cream – Nipple cream is fantastic if you are breast feeding as you will find your nipples may crack at first as they are not used to the job!

Essential information I’ve learnt from my experience and from our midwives.

  • You will most definitely want an outdoor bin that you can pop a black bin liner in for all your nappies. You will not want them inside your house!
  • The slits in the collar of vests are there so if your baby has an accident you don’t have to take the vest off over the head. You can pull it down!
  • Try not to have too many visitors in the first week or two. You need some rest and family time first.
  • Swaddling blankets for a sleeping baby are dangerous as they cannot kick it off if they get too hot.
  • Cot bumpers can be very dangerous as your baby could roll into it and the air cannot circulate the cot properly so it could get too hot for your baby.
  • It’s always worth having a spare blanket or 2 in your car to keep your baby warm on those unexpected cold days.
  • Breast feeding mums must drink enough to replenish all the liquid that is given to the baby.
  • A baby thermometer is always good to have in case your little one seems under the weather to put your mind at ease.
  • Check out the NHS page here for information on safe sleeping.

I hope this baby essentials list helps!

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